Kingfisher Bay Retreat is not only home to our family, it has become a space for a diverse cross section of people to come away from their regular routine to find stillness, restoration, renewed vision and resilience.

Whatever the motivation, the 27 acres of beautiful forest, trails, incredible wildlife and nature that surrounds us, waterfront activities, and comfortable lodge all help to restore and rejuvenate.

Some love the conversation around the dinner table while others prefer the gift of silence. Everyone is welcome.

At Kingfisher there are times when all we hear is the sounds of the birds and other times there is lively music coming from a jam session, or a guest at the piano.

We have a deep sense of gratitude living in this place and we want that to overflow to others who may not have access to such healing settings. In our thirteen years here our lives have been enriched by partnerships with many who work tirelessly to make our world a more loving and just place. It seems that as each of us becomes more in tune with who we were created to be creativity pours out of us in so many fun and surprising ways. We are honoured and privileged to witness this time and time again.

Strangers quickly become friends here. We look forward to welcoming you to Kingfisher Bay.
"In our bones we need the natural curves of hills, the scent of chaparral, the whisper of pines, the possibility of wildness." Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods
Kingfisher Bay Retreat
150 Fraser Estates Lane
North Kawartha, ON K0L 2H0
705.313.5112 (text or call)