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  February 8-10, 2020
Big Questions Retreat | Christian Harvey and Sarah Loucks
- $250 per person (double room) / $315 per person (single room)
(Early Bird - book before January 8 and save $25 per person)
  May 1-3, 2020
Passions of the Enneagram Retreat | Sue Guttenstein and Cynthia Stevens
Each Enneagram type has a specific emotional response that dominates when we are stressed. This emotion is called our passion and it is our automatic and unconscious response to life, when we are contracted into our type. It rigidly governs our responses more than we could ever imagine, and is at the heart of our enneagram growth and work.
In this 2-day workshop we will work with the passions of each type to lessen their influence in our lives, and embody more of our potential.
NOTE: Knowledge of the Enneagram and your Enneagram type is required for this retreat.
If new (to the Enneagram) folks are interested, Sue and Cynthia suggest a typing interview with them, and then maybe one more session, to work with your type a bit, to be ready for this workshop. Please contact Sue Guttenstein or Cynthia Stevens to discuss.
- $320 per person (double room) / $420 per person (single room)
(Early Bird - book on or before March 30 and save $25 per person)
(Payment accepted through e-mail transfer, cash or cheque.)
Added Value
Do you want to spice up a retreat with a fun group building experience?
Renato, our chef, is happy to do a cooking class with your group.
Add some other group building fun on the low ropes course, a guided paddle or a day or night hike.
Individual coaching is also available for individual and group retreats.
We are excited to get to know you all better and help make your time at Kingfisher even more meaningful and life-giving.

A shout out and huge thank you to those who leave us extra tips and those who buy from artists in the lodge. These are put into a fund available for those who cannot afford retreats. We always welcome more contributions as they will help others participate.

  Self Guided Retreats If you just need time away to regroup and be renewed  
  Group Retreats If you want a private space or your group to focus.
(One of our staff can meet with you ahead of time
to design a retreat in line with your needs and goals)
  Kingfisher Bay Retreats Organized and run by staff and guest facilitators

"Kingfisher Bay is about as good as it gets for workshops. The setting on Stoney Lake is beautiful, - calming, yet full of interest. Good walks, good sunrises. The interior is spacious and inviting, the food delicious and the atmosphere has a quiet depth that holds people well, encouraging whatever exploration they have come for, through a workshop or a personal retreat." Sue Guttenstein (facilitator)
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